All the specialists agree to say that Brazil is on verge to be a modern, well equipped and socially responsible developed country within the next 25 years. Well, it all depends on the way the country will lead with its major challenges:


- Reform its fiscal system

- Modernize its global infrastructures

- Adapt its society to a new era of middle-class ruling

- Bring its educational system to international standards


All these challenges will trigger enormous changes in the society and in the investment universe. RELAY CAPITAL will address the challenges and try to reap the benefits of these intrinsical changes to the benefits of its clients.


The Brazil of tomorrow will enjoy new technologies, applied to the everyday life of all Brazilians.

The Brazil of tomorrow will show economic figures everyday closer to averages of developped economies.


At VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS , we will ensure that our clients will benefit from these secular changes.