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VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is committed to creating value for its investors and clients and committed to Brazil’s long term development. As such, Relay Capital abides by a set of strict principles:


Ethic and Transparency

Relationships with our clients and among our team members are governed by the strictest principles of ethics and transparency. Ethical behavior is an obligation and a premise to our relationships with our employees, clients and the public


Operational and strategic excellence

We pursue earnings in excess of those available on benchmark markets through operational and strategic excellence in managing each and every deal.


Commitment and Focus to the Client

Relay’s partners are wholly committed to developing investor projects and interests, and they invest their time and money in every product under their management.



Relay is committed to make the earth a better place. We are aware that the modern humanity has committed enough damages to our planet and that it is time to stop this destructive process. Thus, our focus is always driven by the idea that there is a less damaging solution to any investment action.


Ahead at all times

Due to our international team, we promote continuous innovation of products and services, remaining a step ahead of the latest trends in international markets.