January 2012: Creation of RELAY CAPITAL in São Paulo, Brazil

July 2012: Representative office in Geneva, Switzerland

September 2012: Partnership with TRUSTCONSULT GROUP in Luxembourg

May 2014: RELAY CAPITAL becomes VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS after a shareholdership restructuration




VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is a business platform based in Sao Paulo, created in January 2012 -- originally with the name RELAY CAPITAL -- to help foreign and local partners to minimize operational risks when transacting/investing into the Brazilian market.


The founding partners, while leading successful careers in their respective fields (law, international finance and investments, real estate), came to the conclusion that, although in an accelerating phase of its economical history and therefore attracting attention of the international investment community, Brazil was still complex and risky for investors.

The objective of VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is to help its clients access high quality Brazilian investment opportunities, and to safeguard their client's interest using their extensive market and legal expertise.


The founding partners have clearly established from the early days that the principles of impeccable ethical behavior, respect for our environment and independance from any conflict of interest would be the pillars of VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS. Therefore, the partners strongly believe that

VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is the partner of choice to those looking for long-term growth in Brazil, alongside a commitment to socially responsible attitude towards our planet.