VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS focuses on identifying the right opportunities, adding value through customization and hands-on guidance from experts, using synergies to leverage its position in the industry.

Modern Brazil is going through a unique situation in its recent history, with unprecedented convergence of macroeconomic factors leading to an extended period of economic growth.

VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is focusing on segments that will benefit from this expansion trend, capitalizing on demographic realities rather than focusing only on ephemeral events such as the 2014 Soccer World Cup or the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Energy, Port Infrastructure and Logistics, along with related Real Estate sub-segments will be experiencing strong growth for the next decades.


VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is also emphasizing the importance of the global need for soft commodities, and the investment related opportunities (mainly agribusiness and logistics).

Food production will play a crutial role in the years to come, and Brazil is today a major producer of agricultural products.


VAN OSSELT CAPITAL PARTNERS is helping foreign investors, sovereign funds and governments to secure a share of the Brazilian agricultural production.